Half-brother of Kim Jong-un assassinated in Malaysia

Half-brother of Kim Jong-un assassinated in Malaysia

Kerry Wise
February 15, 2017

-The older half-brother of North Korea's Supreme Leader died Tuesday in a Malaysian airport under mysterious circumstances, South Korean and Malaysian news outlets reported, in what the USA government believes may have been a murder carried out by North Korean agents.

The reported details of his death had all the hallmarks of a cheap thriller. According to the Mail, in 2011 a North Korean agent tried to assassinate Kim in Macau, but failed after a bloody shootout with his bodyguards.

Kim Chol was reportedly forced to walk across a live-fire mortar exercise for allegedly drinking and partying during the moaning period of Kim Jong-il, the father of Jong-un and Jong-nam. He claimed he wanted "to visit Tokyo Disneyland".

When contacted by NK News earlier in the day, the DPRK embassy denied any knowledge of Kim Jong Nam's alleged assassination.

What would the world be without another absolutely weird story coming from North Korea? He is pictured here in 2010 Who was Kim Jong-nam? "He thinks [Kim Jong Un] has a lack of experience". His mother, actress Sung-Hae Rym, was one of four reported wives (or consorts) Kim Jong-il had during his lifetime. According to "Bipolar Orders: The Two Koreas Since 1989", a book by Hyung Gu Lynn, Kim Jong Chul wrote a poem when he was a child studying in Switzerland that said his ideal world would have no weapons or atom bombs and people would be free.

Kim Jong-nam was known to spend a significant amount of time outside of North Korea, and had spoken publicly against his family's control of his home country.

"The Wall Street Journal, in a report on Kim's death from Seoul, said the killing eliminating a reform-minded member of North Korea's ruling dynasty who was once considered next in line to rule the isolated country".

Court sentences seven KMPDU officials to one month jail term
The government has already linked several deaths by those too poor to pay for health care to the strike. On Monday, she "resumed the order" and said the union officials should be arrested.

For now, Malaysian police classified it as a case of "sudden death" and are awaiting autopsy results to decide further action, a Malaysian police official told the Telegraph. The brother of the North Korean leader died in an ambulance en route to a hospital, after an incident occurred while waiting to board a flight to Macau.

Ahmat also told Reuters that "the deceased ... felt like someone grabbed or held his face from behind ... We do not know his identity", he said.

Malaysia has been a hotbed of North Korean intrigue.

Jong-Nam's son Kim Han-Sol studied at university in Paris.

Yonhap News, citing a South Korean government source, also reported Mr Kim had been killed. "He was originally going to succeed Kim Jong Il".

Jong-Un has been trying to strengthen his grip on power in the face of growing global pressure over his country's nuclear and missile programmes. In 2013, his uncle and North Korea's second-in-command was convicted of treason and sent to a gun range where his body was turned to pulp by anti-aircraft machine guns.