Local educators react to education secretary confirmation

Local educators react to education secretary confirmation

Darren Sullivan
February 12, 2017

It's fortunate that Jeff Sessions was still a senator and not yet attorney general, or DeVos wouldn't have been able to overcome the two Republican defectors (Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska) who joined all 48 Democrats in opposition to her.

"This nation, the greatest nation on Earth, has afforded a kid who nearly dropped out of high school to become a United States senator. Why?" She advocated their spread in MI even though that state's charter schools have performed below the state average in reading and math. "The federal stuff hasn't crystallized enough yet to have specific concerns, but that may come".

After a historic confirmation battle in which she became the first cabinet secretary confirmed by a vice president's tie-breaking vote Randi Weingarten, president of the AFL-CIO affiliated American Federation of Teachers, lashed out at DeVos in a press release.

Imani and her mom, along with countless others across MI, spent the past several months protesting DeVos' nomination for U.S. Secretary of Education and we now know they lost that fight. Al Franken blasted Betsy DeVos and the Republicans who confirmed her for Secretary of Education.

DeVos' nomination has been one of Trump's most polarizing nominations yet; senators have said they have received thousands of calls from concerned constituents opposing her candidacy. "I hope to earn your trust and confidence as we work together". Willis said the protest overlapped with a class she teaches, so she and the students decided to make signs and join the demonstration. "And I just feel like she doesn't have that ability", protester Joshua Yallery said. Because I found a path that included public education and quality public education.

"You are professionals whom I respect".

"The idea that a low-income child should have the same opportunity [to go to a private school] that a wealthy family has would seem to me to be a very all-American idea", the senator said.

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In a 2013 interview with Philanthropy magazine, DeVos, who has invested in private and charter schools and is an advocate for their expansion, said homeschooling was "another perfectly valid educational option".

"So, for starters, please know, I'm a "door open" type of person who listens more than speaks".

Public school, accounting for over 90% of America's students, was always the sleeping giant in the industry - but its loyal base of supporters never fully realized how threatened they were until President Donald Trump nominated DeVos.

She said she was both surprised, and not surprised, that the university was chosen for a first visit. "That, paired with her utter lack of knowledge about anything education-related has me extremely concerned on what she's going to try to do".

Her response, much to the disapproval of many, was that the issue was "best left to the states".

Other opponents of vouchers say that removing government funding from public schools would harm them when the focus should be on fixing failing public education. Their job security, which is already in jeopardy thanks to declining inner-city school enrollment, is further threatened if DeVos upsets the apple cart by making school choice the law of the land. "That sends the wrong message". NEA President Lily Eskelsen GarcĂ­a said that the union will continue to battle DeVos with the ferocity it summoned during the confirmation battle, saying that recent events marked "only the beginning of the resistance".