The CW Crossover Review: The Flash 3.8

The CW Crossover Review: The Flash 3.8 "Invasion!"

Kenneth Drake
December 1, 2016

This year's crossover will span all four of the CW's DC TV shows - "Supergirl", "The Flash", "Arrow" and "DC Legends of Tomorrow" - over four nights, pitting the superheroes against alien invaders to save the Earth. What happens next? We'll see when "Invasion!". Barry then remembers the Firestorms, whereas Oliver suggested that they get the rest of the "Legends".

"Invasion Part 2" does a good job of balancing the crossover story while keeping an eye on what's happening on The Flash.

"I can't risk putting anymore lives in danger, and neither can you", the future Flash says, voiced by Grant Gustin, in the message meant only for Rip Hunter. Now it's time for Arrow's "Invasion!" installment, which is also the show's 100th episode.

"It is such a radical departure from anything that we have ever done on the show".

The crossover episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow airs Thursday nights at 8:00pm ET on The CW.

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Of course, I wouldn't be surprised to see Barry and Cisco make up by the end of this crossover, as the creators are clearly working on the assumption that fans of all the Arrowverse shows are tuning in all week.

Arrow showrunner Marc Guggenheim admitted that it was tough to find the balance between servicing the 100th episode and the crossover storyline, telling reporters at a recent press conference, "I think it's pretty obvious that we chose to go 100th episode, but it was totally a challenge". Next up will be in "Arrow" Season 5 episode 8, then in the seventh episode of "Legends of Tomorrow" Season 2 on December 1. There, he ordered Superman's Kryptonian computer to teach him about a project called "Medusa", hence the title of this week's episode. "It's not really a departure from a storytelling perspective, it's just that it is really different". That stands in contrast to Monday's "Supergirl", which featured a quick cameo from Barry and Cisco, as they used Cisco's vibe powers to breach the dimension of Supergirl's Earth, to ask her for help with a pending alien attack in the Arrowverse (the Earth that features the Green Arrow, the Flash and the Legends of Tomorrow). "If you view the end of 506 and her final scenes with Oliver as, "Oh, she's lying, ' I think you see when she made a decision to team up with Prometheus". "All I can tell you is that Diggle gets to watch a woman fly across the horizon in a skirt", Ramsey teased to Nerdist.

"Part of what made it a little hard was all the other shows have a subsequent episode to the crossover", Kreisberg told reporters following a screening of the crossover episodes. You get into the parallel Earths of it all but she's not the President on our Earth but the Vice President.

It quickly becomes apparent that the heroes are in a simulation of real life, kept prisoner in space-pods while the Dominators "probe their subconscious" or something (according to Ray at the end of the episode, whatever, we'll figure it out tomorrow).