Rocket League Mods: Steam Workshop Support Coming in December with New Levels?

Rocket League Mods: Steam Workshop Support Coming in December with New Levels?

Javier Howell
November 24, 2016

More than three years after it came out, Saints Row 4 has been given Steam Workshop support, providing players the ability to create and install mods that add new weapons, clothing, and gameplay features, all from within the friendly confines of Steam. These player-created levels will be known as Steam Workshop levels and they will be available for download soon at theSteam Community Rocket League Community Hub. The PS4 version also includes a Rocket League theme and various avatars which are free outside of the bundle.

After Rocket League came out back in 2015 I expected the developers to soak in the money, resting on their laurels and call it a day. There have already been mods (not actually dongs, honestly), a Rocket League assault course and a dribbling challenge being among some of the highlights. It took a lot of time and effort before mods are installed within the game.

It was reported that the inclusion of a new custom training mode for "Rocket League" will be making its debut along with the next update, VG24/7 learned.

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Once subscribed, players will be able to access user-created levels via the Extras menu in-game.

Once the update is live, Psyonix will provide creators with a Steam Workshop Uploader Tool which will allow them to upload their levels.

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