Blames media for protests, praises protesters — Trump on Twitter

Ronald Pratt
November 12, 2016

"Very unfair!", Trump tweeted.

But Trump alleges protests are a result of "professional protesters" taking to the streets "incited by the media".

Police are preparing for more possible protests Friday night. Demonstrators have voiced concern Trump would harm Americans' civil rights.

There were no reports of downtown protesters hurling items at officers Thursday night, unlike the night before, but one officer was assaulted and hospitalized, and his condition was not immediately available, said LAPD Officer Norma Eisenman.

As of Thursday, Democrat Hillary Clinton was leading Trump in votes nationwide 47.7% to 47.5%, but Trump secured victory in the Electoral College. His campaign rejected a Klan newspaper endorsement days before the election, saying Trump "denounces hate in any form". Twenty-five people were arrested. The protest's organizer on Friday decried the vandalism and said the group planned to help clean up.

Trump's denouncement of the protestors drew reaction from human rights and foreign policy figures.

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Trump described their first meeting as "Really good", and with "great chemistry".

Protesters in Los Angeles rallied in front of City Hall while chanting "not my president", which has become a common mantra of the anti-Trump demonstrations throughout the country.

On Thursday, hundreds of protesters marched through Baltimore to the stadium where the Ravens were playing a football game. They carried signs and chanted, "Not my president", among other things. "It's heart-breaking", said Joe Daniels, 25, of suburban Alexandria, Virginia. "We are humans. Just like you Trump". The Los Angeles protests were among many held around the country Thursday in the wake of Trump's election, including Portland, Oakland, Minneapolis and even Vancouver, Canada.

Portland Police said: "After several orders to disperse, police have used less lethal munitions to effect arrests and move the crowd". "Others encouraged to leave area", the Portland Police Department said on Twitter. Nine hours later, he professed to "love" the protesters' passion.

Denver police tweeted around 10pm that demonstrators made their way onto the freeway and traffic was halted in the northbound and southbound lanes.

Police arrested 26 people, but said many in the crowd were trying to stop those responsible from vandalizing property.