Clinton, Trump vie for Kentucky's 8 electoral votes

Clinton, Trump vie for Kentucky's 8 electoral votes

Blake Casey
November 11, 2016

Trump was expected to win Kentucky by such a margin that neither he, nor Clinton, ran full-fledged campaigns in the state, both choosing to campaign in swing states that ultimately decided the victor of the election.

MONTANARO: Well, right now, the Associated Press has called at the poll close time for IN and Kentucky, both for Donald Trump, and Vermont for Hillary Clinton.

Those results were accurately predicted by pollsters.

It was too early to call the contests in several where polls had closed: Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. Results of exit polling show Trump picked up support among voters of all ages in a state with a struggling coal-mining industry - where the economy was identified as the most pressing issue.

Financial markets, betting exchanges and online trading platforms largely predicted a Clinton win, although Trump's team said he could pull off a surprise victory like the June "Brexit" vote to pull Britain out of the European Union. We'd like to know how this is all going to play out, too. "I think they put out phony numbers", Trump said on "Fox & Friends".

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton were locked in a tight race Tuesday night. Rob Portman has easily won his re-election bid, despite pundits predicting that the race would be a close one. The two states earn a Trump a total of 24 electoral votes.

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The first polls in IN and Kentucky are scheduled to close at 6 p.m. She is also ahead in North Carolina. Trump has 204 votes from states that are solidly in his column or leaning that way.

Clinton goes into Election Day with a four-point national lead in CNN's Poll of Polls and an advantage in many battleground states. Those who said they're "satisfied" opted for Clinton.

Trump called his opponent "Crooked Hillary" for her use of a private email server as secretary of state and her complicated ties to the family's Clinton Foundation.

"America, I am betting on you one more time", Obama said, predicting the nation would "reject fear" and choose hope.

Trump, the brash political outsider, is trying to shatter expectations and mount a stunning upset. GOP Senate candidates fended off Democratic challengers in key states, including North Carolina, Indiana and Wisconsin.

Trump's support is strongest among whites without a college degree.