Obama campaigns for Clinton in key state of MI

Obama campaigns for Clinton in key state of MI

Blake Casey
November 8, 2016

"If you're closest advisers don't trust you to tweet, how can we trust him with the nuclear codes", Obama said, referring to the codes transported with the president wherever he goes in the event of a nuclear attack. "There was tape. There was a video...." "Just the thought of her being the first woman, that's what matters most", he said.

"That says something about how unacceptable behaviour has become normal", Obama added.

Trump, 70, would appeal to voters there and in Rust Belt states such as Pennsylvania because of his populist message, particularly on trade, Conway said.

Meanwhile, Clinton made her first campaign stop of the day in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a key state that does not have early voting, where she asked people attending her rally to vote thinking about their "future".

Obama said he was feeling a little "sentimental" because this is the last time he would be out campaigning for anyone for some time, and he recalled his famous slogan "Yes, we can".

She wrapped up her day Sunday in New Hampshire, where she returned to her onetime call for more "love and kindness" in America.

"I love this country, and I believe in our people", the Democratic nominee told reporters in NY. When Hillary lost the Democratic nomination in 2008, she said, "it was a stake in my heart", although she said she was also excited to see Obama.

USA polls show Clinton ahead but battleground states up for grabs
So over the course of seven days, the poll's full sample size, she actually has increased her lead since the announcement. Trump opened a furious day of campaigning in Iowa, the battleground states where he appears in the strongest position.

"They're suggesting they might impeach Hillary". Gridlock, he continued, is not "some mysterious fog that descends on Washington", or something equally the fault of Democrats and Republicans.

"I need you to vote".

He said: "You don't just have to vote against something, you actually have somebody that's worthy of your vote". Hassan, the governor, is in a neck-and-neck battle with Republican incumbent Sen.

"So tonight, I'm asking for your vote and tomorrow, let's make history together". Marco Rubio."Rubio's opponent, Rep. Patrick Murphy, appeared before Obama on Sunday".

"Donald Trump is not the guy who is going to look out for you". "If you want a senator who will show up and work for you and tell you the truth, then vote for Patrick Murphy and give Hillary some help". Obama took notice. The president mentioned the Wolverines' undefeated start before nodding toward Harbaugh, who was seated in the grandstand, and telling the crowd he needed them to be as focused on winning the election as the coach was on football.

"Fair to say, this is not your typical election".

Clinton was also scheduled to campaign on Monday in MI, a traditionally Democratic state that her campaign team felt certain it would win until the polls began tightening recently, although the former Secretary of State still maintains a 5-point advantage over Trump.