British PM May says country should unite on Brexit plan

British PM May says country should unite on Brexit plan

Kerry Wise
November 7, 2016

Former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg, from the centrist Liberal Democrat party, told BBC radio that he and other pro-EU lawmakers would seek "to amend the legislation such that parliament would say to government it should pursue a soft Brexit, not a hard Brexit".

British Prime Minister Theresa May warned lawmakers on Sunday not to block Brexit, after the High Court ruled that she can not start the process of leaving the European Union without parliament´s approval.

In a speech in London, leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "We accept and respect the decision of the referendum to leave the European Union, but there must be transparency and accountability to Parliament about the government's plans".

"The case is that she can not use something called the Royal Prerogative to do it because we do not live in a tin-pot dictatorship", she said. To date, May has hinted that she is leaning toward a hard exit, emphasizing control over immigration and British borders, even if that forces the country to leave Europe's single market and hurts the economy.

According to #Brexit secretary David Davis, Article 50 cannot be triggered before an Act of Parliament have passed through both House of Lords and House of Commons, unless the government can overturn the High Court ruling that happened Thursday.

The two MPs backed opposing sides in June's referendum campaign, but they have since stressed their commitment to working together in the interests of the country and their Swindon constituents.

He said: "We're certainly not going to hold up Article 50 if we don't get the deal (we want)".

The High Court backed the challengers and sided against the Government.

"We are confident of winning that case and proceeding with Article 50", the Prime Minister's spokesman said. "What we will be setting out is the fact the Britain needs a plan".

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Mr Phillips' resignation as MP for Sleaford and North Hykeham has fuelled speculation the Prime Minister will call an early election.

"Why would you go against three top court judges?" he said of the government contesting the ruling.

She writes: "One of our most important and closest friends has to be India - a leading power in the world, with whom we share so much history, culture and so may values, and which is led by a Prime Minister who is undertaking a far-reaching programme of reform".

In his interview with the Sunday Mirror, Corbyn said he was looking forward to the possibility of an election before the next scheduled national poll in 2020.

A Number 10 spokeswoman said the Government is "looking at how we can lay the groundwork before we leave the European Union on breaking down existing barriers ... so once we have left the European Union we would be ready to move as soon as possible to develop that free trade relationship".

Corbyn also said that he is prepared for a snap election, and his party has the enthusiasm, members and organisation to challenge the Conservative Party.

In the aftermath of Thursday's High Court ruling the PM has been urged to calm a backlash sparked by the verdict.

Ms May added: "MPs and peers who regret the referendum result need to accept what the people decided".

Several newspapers were highly critical of the judges, including the Daily Mail branding them "Enemies of the people".